Pineal gland

Pineal Gland

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The pineal gland is responsible for releasing melatonin, a powerful immune stimulant, and anti-tumoral agent.

How essential oils can reach the pineal gland

1. inhaling

2. through the roof of the mouth
put oil on your thumb then press against the roof of your mouth

3. sublingual
Put one drop under the tongue

4. Middle of the eyebrows
Put one drop in between

5. Crown and back of head

Put one to two drops.

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Valor Roll-on: for Back and Neck Pain

Spruce: for bones, sciatica & lumbago

Rosewood: empowering & stabilizes emotions

Blue Tansy: analgesic/anesthetic, overcomes anger, in the liver

Frankincense: stimulates the emotional brain, hypothalamus, pineal & pituitary glands

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Photo credit: Dolf Cheng